Rama's Teaching Materials

Here are some MP3s, books, videos, brochures, and talk transcripts that Rama wrote/recorded. For more information on Rama ~ Dr. Frederick Lenz click here. You can also find more books, tapes, and videos at the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

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MP3 Dharma Talks
RamaTo download Rama's dharma talks from the 1980s and 1990s in MP3 format click here.

Surfing the Himalayas
RamaFree PDF of Rama's book click here.
Snowboarding to Nirvana
RamaFree PDF of Rama's book click here.

To see several movies of Rama teaching meditation and Buddhism please click here. They are from the videos Rama made in the early 1990s.
During the mid 1990s Rama did two online interviews on the World Wide Web.

Click here to see the CompuServe interview.

Click here to see the Prodigy interview.

Click here to see the Zen Experience brochure that Rama released in 1987.   Click here to see the Interview with Rama brochure released in 1985.

The Last Incarnation (1983)
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A book written by Rama's students in 1982-83. These are stories about studying with Rama, including first meetings, desert experiences, journeys, and the Last Incarnation. The book is now out-of-print, but may be available through an online book search.

Rama's PhD Dissertation (1978)
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"The Evolution of Matter and Spirit in the Poetry of Theodore Roethke" from the English Department at the State University of New York at Stonybrook, August 1978.

"In his final poems Roethke entered into a phase of pure symbolism. His metaphysical realizations became increasingly difficult for him to express."

Total Relaxation, The Complete Program for Overcoming Stress, Tension, Worry, and Fatigue (1980)
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Total A book written by Rama about how to reduce stress. The book is now out-of-print, but may be available through an online book search.

"Stress. It is no secret to any of us that we suffer daily from its effects. Our inability to cope with stress is a major contributor to much — if not most — of our physical and psychological discomfort."

Dharma Talk Transcripts
These are transcriptions of a few of Rama's dharma talks. He recorded over 100 talks in the 1980s and 1990s. Click here to download the free MP3s.

The Coyote and the Roadrunner
An American Buddhist parable of enlightenment seen through the eyes of the cartoon world.

The Best Meditation I Ever Had
A talk on advanced meditation, peak experiences, and leaving the perfect restaurant.

Breathing Out and Breathing In
The mirror of our minds is washed clean through breathing our awareness out and in.

Liberation and Self-Realization
"Time is not a movement through space, space is a movement through time".