Free PDF Dharma Talks
by Rama ~ Dr. Frederick Lenz

All of the dharma talks that Rama recorded are available for free now. The talks are in PDF format and can be downloaded below.

These talks were recorded between 1982 and 1992. They cover a wide variety of topics in self-discovery.

In them Rama provides not only clear and precise presentations of spiritual practice, but the actual darshan too. Enlightenment is taught in words and gestures, but mostly it is transmitted inwardly, via the empowerments and initiations. If you quiet your mind and clear your awareness you will find these too.

The PDFs are available in these sets:
The Lakshmi SeriesPDF E-Book format
Insights: Talks on the Nature of ExistencePDF E-Book format
Psychic DevelopmentPDF E-Book format
On the Road with RamaPDF E-Book format
Rama - Live in LAPDF E-Book format
The Zen TapesPDF E-Book format
Tantric BuddhismPDF E-Book format
The Enlightenment Cycle PDF E-Book format
Total RelaxationPDF E-Book format
The Last IncarnationPDF E-Book format
Rama's PhD DissertationPDF E-Book format
Surfing the HimalayasPDF E-Book format
Snowboarding the NirvanaPDF E-Book format