1. Seeking the Ox

The Ox has never really gone astray, so why search for it? Having turned his back on his True-nature, the man cannot see it. Because of his defilements he has lost sight of the Ox. Suddenly he finds himself confronted by a maze of crisscrossing roads. Greed for worldly gain and dread of loss spring up like searing flames, ideas of right and wrong dart out like daggers.

Desolate through forests and fearful in jungles,
    he is seeking an Ox which he does not find.
Up and down dark, nameless, wide-flowing rivers,
    in deep mountain thickets he treads many bypaths.
Bone-tired, heart-weary, he carries on his search
    for this something which he yet cannot find.
At evening he hears cicadas chirping in the trees.