Santipa, a Mahasiddha,
taught this to his student the Mahasiddha Kotalipa.

Your body has been worn down by your hard life.
That karmic path is inherently hostile.
You have been following the karma You must abandon it and practice the karma
Of six-fold perversity: Of six-fold perfection:
Digging the earth as generosity; Devotion to the guru as generosity;
Nonviolence as moral conduct; Guarding the mind as moral conduct;
Enduring pain as patience; Constancy of mind's nature as patience;
Persistent effort as perseverance; Meditation upon mind's nature as perseverance;
Unflagging energy as concentration; Undistracted absorption as concentration;
Recognition of this path as perfect awareness. And perception of reality as perfect awareness.
  Practice these precepts and you will find release.
above excerpt from Buddhist Masters of Enchantment, translated by Keith Dowman.